Food packaging

The SNOTY food packaging company portfolio includes a variety of products – all of these products with an individial printing options, of course. We are a company specialized in making various kinds of packaging bags such as small packing-sugar sachet, mainly white refined sugar (HB Sugar) and crystals Demerara cane sugar packed in high hygienic packing. The most popular are single serve sugar sachets with individual print design and personalized advertising image widely used in cafes, bars and restaurants. Moreover, also different types of biscuits or delicious chocolate covered almonds are ideal with a cup of coffee or tea. Our product offerings and service are not intended strictly only for gastro companies. We also offer these products to other companies and customers, for example advertising candy or flow pack sealed candy with company logo.

COSMETIC SACHET PACKAGING cream, gel & liquids.

Packaging cosmetic samples is very suitable for marketing and sales promotion of the new products. Our new packaging technology is targeting to cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. SNOTY Ltd. provides filling cream, gel and different viscosity liquids of your own production. We offer packaging liquids into sachets from as low as 1ml to 15ml. The accuracy of the dosing is 0.1ml. The smallest amount starts from 3.000 sachets. We can also help you to design the size and the volume of the sachet following of the testing your product. Do not hesitate to ask further information.

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We pack anything – from HB-sugar to candies!