A cup of coffee or tea served with a piece of tasty biscuit or cake is today really a matter of prestige for any cafe, patisserie or restaurant. The individual characteristic size and shape of each biscuit is also ideal form of firm advertising. You can also select from our offer and use this sweet product to promote your cafe, hotel or company business.

Amarettino - traditional italian speciality -with apricon acinus aroma, excellent addiition to coffee or tea. 


3g Biscuit – tasty biscuit with the flavor of cocoa is pleasant gift for coffee or tea drinkers.
Size: 65 x 35 mm

6 g Belgian Biscuits - traditional belgian caramelised biscuits named also Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuits with unique caramelised taste are appreciated throughout the world. It is a classic ideal supplement for coffee lovers.
Size: 85 x 40 mm