In this section we can offer you a assortment especially for retail stores and food warehouses. We deliver our products also directly to cafes and restaurants.

White, and brown sugar in stick packagings we have for you also in small boxes packed by 40 pcs. You can use it in your office, or at home.

Amarettino - traditional italian speciality -with apricon acinus aroma, excellent addition to coffee or tea – available also in beauty full collored covers.


Almond in chocolate 2,8 g, and 5 g - available also in beauty full collored covers.
Cocoa biscuit – tasty biscuit with the flavor of cocoa is pleasant gift for coffee or tea drinkers – available also in beauty full collored covers.

Cane sugar is available in 250 g packs and it is ideal packaging for use in bars or at home using. Barmans and bartenders like it for easy manipulation and preparation of the cocktails or mixed drinks. We are packing also gourmet quality Demerara Sugar from Mauritius.
4g Cane sugar - with printing „brown sugar“ in portioned sugar packages is delivered in 400 or 1000 pcs/box. We pack Demerara Sugar in eco-friendly sachets.
2g Cream powder in portioned universal yellow packages is very practical product used in cafes, offices, snack bars, etc.