The sugar that we offer is hygienically packaged and can be packed into six basic types of paper sachets and fill eg 4g / 5g. This product is one of the main ingredients added to coffee or tea around the world. Traditionally, coffee or tea are served with sugar as a necessary ingredient in any cafe, restaurant or hotel. Today sugar finds its using also in other firms and multinational companies. For the production of mini-portions of sugar is used high quality white sugar and Demerara granulated brown sugar made from cane sugar extract from Mauritius. We can provide printed covers for your specific presentation according to your proposal or simply rent the advertising space incl. the following distribution.

Double cube sugar wrapps 4,5 g – we offer white sugar cubes, and also brown cane sugar cubes in small wraps
HB sugar - square pillow
Size: 50 x 55 mm
HB sugar- TUBE, Size: 25 x 100 mm, eventually 25 x 125 mm
HB sugar- Italian pillow sachet, Size: 45 x 65 mm
HP Sugar – The Pillow pack sachet with the classic „four corners welding“ is most frequently used type providing the largest advertising area. Use the front side with the graphics centric applications with the endless printing of back side. Size: 70 x 50mm

Elongated tubular sachet pack is one of most common types. Practical tube sachets or sticks also provide enough space for your company name, brand or corporate logo. Size: 100 x 15 mm
5 g mini pyramid shaped sachets (triangle paper bags), edge welding in 3D, provide an excellent opportunity for a product sales presentation. Sugar pyramids for attractive futuristic shape are best selling sugar sachets on the Slovak market. Size: 60 x 28 mm
V.I.P. combines classical design with modern elements. This type developed with innovative ideas according to our customers´ needs and wishes can be certainly an excellent alternative for you. Size: 70 x 28 m

V.I.P. XL - latest commercial sugar packs you can find in our offerings for 2010 and just this sugar pack is especially served with coffee in small dessert cups or espresso cups, but allows a good flat surface for your advertising. Size: 65 x 32 mm

V.I.P. XXL - We expended our efforts in the newest modern shape collection designed for our customers providing the largest advertising space. Size: 60 x 40 mm