The SNOTY Company focuses also on the packaging of other non-traditional products, such as especially bulk materials or commodities – for example pepper, salt, cream, etc., as well as products such as chewing gums, toilet soaps and others.


Toilet soaps - standard hygienic itmes for each hotel. We pack little 15g toilet soaps made by Slovak producers. Soap pack can be printed with your logo according to your requirements and wishes. There are also universal printing.

In case of 1g hygienically packed salt or 0,5g hygienically packed pepper we can offer you also printed packs with logo of your restaurant or business.

Further we offer also instant coffee or instant tea portioned into single-serve packets to our customers - firms or companies with its own logo.

If you will present your new products on trade show or exposition, in such case we can provide you different kinds of chewing gum, vitamins, candies, cakes, biscuits, bonbons etc.

Let us pack your products - different kinds of cards, credit vouchers, tokens promotional plastic tokens of various shapes and sizes. We wrap them in a transparent or full color printed packaging.